Delta Xero runs Promotional Campaign


Delta Xero is currently running a promotional campaign for new customers only. We are looking for a Turbine Lube system with an oil capacity of between 8000 and 20000 litres. The system must currently be experiencing problems which may be related to Varnish.

You must be located in Europe and be willing to share the results as a case study with us. We will use the information for marketing material. Of course, any sensitive information will be redacted.

We will request an Oil Sample before installation, a sample from your top up oil and regular samples during filtration. Don’t worry, we will guide you on this. We will supply you a unit suitable for the turbine and provide instructions on how to install. The unit will remain our property, and we will cover delivery, any required cartridges and oil analysis costs.

At the end of the usage, you will have the option to purchase the unit for a small nominal fee to transfer ownership or return to us. We will share all our reports and case study documentation with you, as well as providing you with demonstrable proof of the positive effects, post filtration.

Contact us today on to find out more information and to enquire.

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