Measuring filter performance

Filter performance is measured against ISO standard 4406. the ISO 4406 cleanliness standard, most recently updated in January 2021

Particulate Counts

The standard measures particulates at 3 sizes of particulate, 4 micron, 6 micron and 14 micron. Delta-Xero filters reduce particulate counts down to 0.1 micron to levels much better than specified in ISO 4406. Typically achieving >95% improvements in particulate levels at 4, 6 and 14 micron.

Contamination Monitors

The 1/2021 revision of ISO4406 includes, for the first time; the use of Particulate Contamination Monitors (PCMs). Delta Xero can supply PCM systems are part of their DX range of filter packages.

Fuel Filtration

ISO 181613 specifies the minimum cleanliness level for diesel fuels, BS EN590 the legal specification for diesel fuel cleanliness in the UK. DXO Powertrain filter cartridges are able to clean fuel oils to better than the levels specified in these standards.

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