Waste Management and Bio Gas

Hydraulic Equipment

The polluted and dust levels a waste management plant inevitably leads to contamination and degradation of the lubricating oil in engines and hydraulic machinery. This pollution causes high levels of particulate in the oil, creating varnish deposits that stick valves, reduce operating efficiency and cause premature wear, leading to breakdown. Using a Delta-Xero filtration system, we were able to reduce oil contamination by over 99.5%, preventing breakdowns due to oil failure and extending the life of the lubricating oil very substantially; reducing downtime, maintenance requirement and cost.

Landfill Gas Engines

Landfill gas has a highly unpredictable quality and notable levels of abrasive silicates. Once entrapped in the engine oil these silicates cause engine wear, this risk requires regular oil condition monitoring and frequent oil changes. Delta-Xero offline filtration systems are capable of reducing the levels of silica and other abrasive elements in the oil by over 60%. This extends the life of the oil 3 times, meaning that it must be changed 3 times less frequently and 3 times less waste oil needs to be disposed of. The increase in uptime and reduced maintenance costs are a significant saving. Additionally Delta-Xero systems can be fitted with monitoring, so that the exact oil condition can be identified and oil changes performed precisely when required.

Energy from Waste

Energy from waste facilities use substantial hydraulic systems to process the waste and turbines to power the generating equipment. Both the hydraulic fluids and engine oil are subject to high levels of local pollution, reducing their live and increasing wear. Adding Delta-Xero filtration systems to the hydraulic and lubricating oil systems can reduce downtime due to failure or regular maintenance by 80% . Reducing operating costs and the need to dispose of used hydraulic and lubricating oil.

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