Marine Hydraulic Systems

Delta-Xero filtration systems have application reducing water and varnish contamination in hydraulic systems for cranes, steering gear, hydraulic control systems and gearboxes in the Marine industry, on and off shore. Extending the life of the hydraulic and lubricating fluids and extending maintenance cycles with consequent increases in uptime and savings of fluids; leading to notable operating cost reductions and environmental improvement.

Marine Diesel Engines

We have applied Delta-Xero filtration technology to the filtration of fuel oil in a dockside environment. Reducing the water and particulate contamination of the fuel by up to 95%. The filtered fuel burns more cleanly, producing measured reduction in CO2 of 7%-33% from full load to idle, reductions in nitrous oxide emissions of over 50% at full load, reductions in SO2 levels of 10% to 45% depending on load
The Delta-Xero filter reduced particulates in the fuel by over 99.5% well beyond ISO4406 limits, resulting in a visible reduction to smoke emissions from the engine.
For more detail, please read our case study here.

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