Delta-Xero Filter Cartridges

The patented Delta-Xero cartridge is the reason that Delta-Xero filtration systems are so effective.

0.1 Micron Filtration

The Delta-Xero cartridge works by drawing fluid from a machine or storage tank and passing it through microscopic filter capillaries to remove particulates, water varnish and salts down to 0.1 micron. Significantly exceeding ISO4406 specification. Contamination and water is held in the cartridge for subsequent safe disposal.

Modular Approach

The DXO cartridges can be used singly or in combination of up to 12, giving a very wide range of capacities from 100 to 12,000 Litres and flow rates from 1Lpm to 20Lpm. They are suitable for marine, industrial, waste to energy, power generation systems and a wide range of other applications.
The cartridges are fully contained and very easy to exchange, making them ideal for use in awkward areas such as wind turbines.


DXO cartridges are made from recycled material and are themselves recyclable. The used filtration media can be consumed in waste to energy plants.

3 Versions

The DXO cartridge is available in a standard version, used for hydraulic fluid and lubricant filtration, and a powertrain version, optimised for fuel filtration. Each version is clearly colour coded for easy identification.

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