Oil analysis

Delta-Xero works with POLARIS Laboratories® for oil sample analysis, using viscosity and Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) measurements.

Lubricant Analysis

Lubricant analysis measures the particle count within oil to determines the contamination levels. This provides information about the oil’s condition and performance levels and helps to identify exactly what problems that degradation is causing. Viscosity testing looks at the stability and fluidity of the oil and it’s ability to move through the machinery. MPC measurements identify the level of varnish like product and silicate particles which tend to stick to surfaces, blocking valves and causing pump failures.

POLARIS Laboratories®

POLARIS Laboratories® https://polarislabs.com/ conduct our detailed fluid analyses. Providing an independent reference to fluid condition before and after filtration, enabling us to prove filter performance in real world applications.


HORIZON® is the online portal provided by Polaris. Delta-Xero customers have direct access to their sample analyses via Horizon.

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