Wind Turbines

By their nature, wind turbine systems are inaccessible, regular maintenance is awkward and costly. Delta-Xero filtration systems are used to clean and preserve gearbox and hydraulic oils at the turbine head, increasing the fluid life and reducing the maintenance requirements to a fraction of previous levels. Delta-Xero systems can also be fitted with fluid condition monitoring system. Meaning that maintenance can be planned exactly when required and not according to an arbitrary schedule.

Generating Turbines

Turbines rely on control valves to manage their operation and efficiency. The high operating pressures and temperatures cause oil degradation, generating vanish (MPC) which wears bearings, affects valve operation and can cause premature failure. Standard bypass type oil filtration equipment is sufficiently effective in reducing the levels of varnish and it can build up quickly to well over ISO 4406 limits. Delta-Xero offline systems reduce the level of varnish to the point where is well below ISO4406 limits thereby extending fluid life and reducing the rick of failure to very low levels.

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