Standby Generation

Delta-Xero systems are used to prevent downtime on critical standby generators. Manufacturing processes and critical data centres require continuous power, necessitating the use of standby generators. Standby generators are normally run for short periods of time, so fuel use is inconsistent, meaning that it can become water polluted and particulates sink to the fuel take off point of the storage tank. This can mean that standby power generation isn’t reliable, more particularly when the standby generator is required to run for several hours rather than be tested for a couple of minutes.
Using a single cartridge Delta-Xero filter on the fuel in the storage tank reduces diesel contamination by 99.8% and water content by 99.5% meaning that standby generators run more reliably for longer periods without failure due to fuel contamination.

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic fluid in heavy presses is subject to very high pressures and resulting temperatures. When the press is used to stamp metal the short, sharp bursts of pressure cause the hydraulic fluid to degrade and remain at an elevated temperature. This created varnish deposits which clog valves and cause equipment unreliability.
Installing a Delta-Xero offline filtration system reduces MPC to zero and particulates by 95%, meaning that valve failures are a thing of the past. Additionally the now clean hydraulic fluid is removing prior varnish deposits from the system, further increasing reliability.

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