New Global Partnership

Delta Xero announces new global partnership.

Delta-Xero is proud to announce our recent appointment as Polaris Laboratories Global Partner. We have developed in conjunction with POLARIS Laboratories®, a Global Oil Analysis Program that enables our customers to maintain a continuous overview and insight into the health & condition of their system and fluid.

Developing a trendline is the first step towards predictive maintenance. With a new automated process for ensuring oil samples are drawn, analyzed and pushed to our clients efficiently, allows Delta-Xero to continue to focus on our customers uptime and their system reliability. These results can be viewed at anytime either online or through a dedicated app.

POLARIS Laboratories® have grown to become one of the largest Independent Fluid Analysis Providers, with fully owned laboratories in Poland, Canada, Guatemala and the USA. Polaris also utilizes partner laboratories across the world, servicing 150,000 customers in over 100 countries.

POLARIS Laboratories® have positioned themselves as a Technical Services company who analyze fluids. This allows customers to make informed maintenance decisions, and, improves operational efficiencies. By leveraging available technology, Polaris have introduced the HORIZON® app, which is an intuitive, dynamic web-based solution to manage fluid analysis data.

As well as hosting all of your interactive fluid analysis reports, HORIZON® enables the user to create powerful management reports that include indicators on Severity Summaries, Common Problem in fleets, regions and a range of other statistics which impact maintenance decisions and reliability of equipment.

The Horizon app is available on App Store and Google Play

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