Delta Xero, Investing in the Future

Delta Xero continues its Investment and Growth in its International Distribution Network.

Delta Xero, with offices in the UK, Germany and Denmark has been supporting the development and growth of a global distribution network enabling our distributors to keep their customers systems reliable. Marine, Offshore, Energy, Mining, Wind Power and Manufacturing are a small number of installation types benefitting from reduced service costs and improved reliability.

Delta Xero is challenging the Fluid Industry, introducing new capabilities and standards across the board.

DX1000 and DXO are disrupting the fluid industry by increasing industry standards through the installation of a new and unique product set that will clean the fluid and system, and continue to keep it clean. This prevents contamination from reappearing and at the same time, removes varnish without cooling the fluid. This multi facet cartridge filter with unseen feature set and capabilities puts pressure on other brands and continues to disrupt the market place. This brings significant benefits to customers in the form of financial savings, quality assurances and reduced downtime. All this, whilst prolonging the life expectancy of system fluids, machinery and systems across the world.

Delta Xero offers documented next-level quality across a complete series of products. Priced competitively with support from specialist teams, we are today servicing our strategic distributors in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Singapore, The Netherlands, Italy, The USA, Poland, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, Hungary, Austria, The Czech Republic, Germany, Thailand and Australia.

We will shortly be announcing our participation is Expo’s and Summits across the world, so please subscribe for both news alerts and product announcements.

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