DXO Cartridge

DXO Cartridge

The modern, eco-friendly solution to fluid conditioning. Boasting an impressive particle filtration to 0.1 micron, including the removal of bacteria, water (free and emulsified and oxidation producst (sludge and resin). The DXO Cartridge also helps with the mitigtion and reduction of varnish


  • Smart & effective maintenance system
  • Cost reduction
  • Enhanced lifetime service
  • Minimised fluid oxidation
  • Increased production
  • Reduced oil changes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy service
  • Small footprint
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Dry Weight

2,0 kgs

Performing weight

2 to 7 kgs

Typical cartridge flow

Each, 1 Ltrs/min


Ø186 mm


264 mm

Dirt retain capacity

1955 g, 0.1 micron

Water absorption, free & bound

Water absorption, free & bound

Min and max limits

Min 0°C. Max 100°C

Material cartridge

PP Cellulose mix

DXO Cartridge

1 PCS 192 x 192 x 265 mm, 2,2 kgs

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